Assam Swanirbhar Naari Scheme

Himanta Biswa Sarma, the chief minister of Assam, gave special attention to the handloom industry at the plan’s introduction, especially for local weavers. These people will benefit financially from this initiative as they grow their enterprises and provide for their families. According to the scheme, they can sell their products online directly to customers. It will cut out middlemen and help to get the full rewards.

Purpose of the Assam Self-Dependent Women Scheme

Encouraging Assamese weavers to thrive and provide for their families financially is one of the key goals of the Scheme. To preserve the state’s cultural legacy and support those who have inherited this skill from their ancestors, the government launched this project.

Benefits of the Scheme

– The native weavers will benefit financially from this program. – The government will be able to offer handloom goods online through a site. – The beneficiaries’ business will not have any middlemen or intermediaries. This implies that the weavers will have a guaranteed salary. – As the Handloom and Textile Department is in charge of this initiative, it is probable that they will also provide weavers with cutting-edge technology to help them in other ways.

Eligibility Criteria for Applying the Scheme

– Only Assamese residents are eligible. – The winner must be a weaver.

Apply for the Assam Swanirbhar Naari Scheme

– Visit the official website and click “Register” on the home page. - A registration form will appear, fill it with the details asked for. - Next, choose the annual income and select the address - Then, check your yarn passbook for specifics – After that, choose your username and password. – And, click the “register” button to successfully registered.

Required Documents for the Scheme

– The applicant’s ID or Aadhar card. – Evidence demonstrating that the applicant is a resident of Assam.

Assam Swanirbhar Naari Login Process

– Visit the official website and click on the “Log in” on the homepage. – A new page will appear, enter the username, password, and captcha code. – Click the “Log in” option to log into the portal.

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