Banglarbhumi 2022

WB Banglarbhumi (বাংলারভূমি) is the web portal of the West Bengal Land & Land Reforms and Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Department. On the Banglarbhumi portal, citizens may view all West Bengal land records and property information. The Ministry of Land Reforms has created a website that provides information on particular West Bengal land records. In other words, these land records serve as a necessary database between seller and buyer during property and land transactions.

Objectives of the Banglarbhumi Portal

The governments of each state continue to adopt various plans or facilities to assist their people and help their state develop further. One such online service, Banglarbhumi, has been established in the state of West Bengal with the primary goal of assisting the people of his state. The owner’s name, area/size of the property, plot number, property valuation, and land information relating to the present owner of the property are all available on the website via this Banglarbhumi online portal.

Benefits of WB Banglarbhumi Portal

– Any land-related record information needed can be obtained in a matter of minutes using an internet portal. – Any land or property information, whether in a rural place or a village in West Bengal, may be accessed without difficulty. – Through this web portal, the procedure of purchasing any land or property in West Bengal has been quite straightforward. – The digitization of West Bengal’s land records has improved the visibility of any fraud. – Residents of West Bengal no longer need to visit any government office to get their land records as a result of this service.

Land Information Services Available on Banglarbhumi Portal

– Land distribution – ROR application – Online land records/Bhulekh West Bengal/ West Bengal land record search by name – Update on records periodically – Digitisation of maps and records – Khatian and plot information – ISU management – Training (ARTI and LMTC) – Rent controller – Thika tenancy – India-Bangladesh border demarcation – Services offered to state land use board – Other citizen services – Public grievance filling – Preparation, updating and maintenance

How to Register at WB Banglarbhumi Portal

– Visit the Banglabhoomi official website. – Click the signup button on the homepage, and the registration form will appear on your screen. – Fill in the blanks with your name, address, phone number, father’s name, mother’s name, municipality district, email ID, and so on. – Input your selected password, then enter the captcha code to receive an OTP on your registered and entered mobile phone. – Enter the OTP into the field given, then click the submit button to register on the site.

Login Procedure for Departmental User

– Visit the Banglabhoomi official website. – You’ll find a link to “Citizen Services” on the homepage which will take you to the login page. – This login option provides two options: “Departmental User” and “Citizen User”. – Choose the “Departmental User.” – After clicking, you will be prompted to enter your username and password, which you must do before entering the captcha code and hitting the login button. – Click to login, and you will be logged in to this portal and will be able to use all of the services available.

Login Procedure for Citizen

– Visit the official website of WB Banglabhumi. – When the webpage loads, select “Citizen Services” between the given two options, “Log in Departmental User” or “Log in Citizen User.” – Citizen User When you choose and click the “Citizen” option for login, a new page will appear in front of you. – On this new screen, enter your username and password, then input the captcha code and click the “Login” button. – By pressing the login button, you will be logged in as a citizen on this official website.

Procedure to Pay Banglarbhumi Fee Online

– Visit the official website of Banglarbhumi. – Once the house is open, click on the ‘Fee Payment’ option in the area of the Online Application page. – On this new page, you will find a form in which you can select an option from the following possibilities based on your needs: 1. Change 2. Mutation 3. Certified copy 4. Plot Information 5. Plot map – After picking the choice, enter the application number on your screen, input the captcha code, and click on the ‘Next’ button.

Procedure to Pay Banglarbhumi Fee Online

– After clicking, you will be sent to a new page with a secure payment method. You may select your preferred way of payment from this page: 1. Online banking 2. Debit Card 3. Credit Card – Now select your payment method and complete the payment procedure by providing your payment information. When the operation is complete, a confirmation message will appear on your screen.


How to Download Banglarbhumi App on your Mobile?

Jomir Tothya is the official Banglarbhumi mobile app of the West Bengal Government. – Launch the “Google Play Store” on your mobile, and search “Banglarbhumi” in the search box. – After that, select the best option in the list. – Click on the “Banglarbhumi App” and press the “Install” button. – The Banglarbhumi app will be downloaded to your mobile. – Then, you have to register it with your cell number.

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