Haryana Parali Protsahan Yojana

The state of Haryana is currently experiencing a full harvest of paddy.  The stubble that remains on the fields following the harvest of the paddy crop. Farmers may sell the remaining stubble to the government and are eligible to receive the incentive payment. You can apply for this initiative if you’re a farmer in Haryana as well and would like to sell the stubble from your crops for money.

About Haryana  Parali Protsahan Yojana

The government of Haryana would buy stubble from farmers and provide them with an incentive payment under this initiative. The Haryana government will reward farmers who do not burn their stubble after harvesting paddy with a payment of Rs. 1000 per acre. Farmers that participate in this scheme might receive financial support in return for their fields’ stubble.

Purpose of the Haryana System Promotion Scheme

Providing farmers with an incentive to remove stubble-burning pollution in the state is the main goal of the Haryana government’s Stubble Incentive Scheme. This will help reduce the pollution caused by stubble burning and eventually eliminate air pollution in the state. Farmers will profit financially through this plan, which allows them to sell the stubble to the government in bundles.

Benefits of the Haryana Parali Promotion Scheme

The state government would buy stubble from farmers under this arrangement, and they would receive an incentive payment of Rs 1000 per acre. A maximum bonus of Rs 1000 per acre or Rs 50 per quintal will be provided to farmers in exchange. The state’s atmosphere will stay pristine since stubble is not burned. With this plan, farmers will receive an incentive payment, thereby eliminating the pollution generated by stubble.

Eligibility Criteria for Applying the Scheme

– The applicant must be a native of the state of Haryana to be eligible for the scheme’s benefits. – Farmers in the state are eligible to apply for this program and sell stubble. – Any state farmer may submit an application to sell the stubble on their crops. – The farmer who is applying must have their bank account connected to their Aadhar card.

Apply for the Haryana Stubble Promotion Scheme 2023

- Visit the official website and select the “Schemes” option from the home page. - The registration form will open, enter all the requested information. - The registration form will open, and enter all the requested information. – Once you’ve registered successfully, your application will be checked. – After verification, the district-level committee will transfer the incentive money to your bank account.

Required Documents for the Scheme

– Aadhar card – Address proof – Farm-related Documents – Mobile Number – Passport size Photo – Bank Account Statement

Implementation of the Parali Promotion Scheme

– To sell their stubble, farmers will need to bundle it and bring it to their Gram Panchayat. – The officials will weigh your bundle once it arrives to the Gram Panchayat. – Following that, the officer will offer you a certificate. – In addition, farmers who weigh their fields can obtain certifications.

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