Jaladhara Scheme West Bengal

Mamata Banerjee, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal, expects this project to significantly improve the canal transportation system. The Governor is glad to devise and launch a “scheme,” known as “JALADHARA,” to provide financial support for the replacement or conversion of current ‘BHUTBHUTIs by safe and secure mechanically powered boats in the interest of public safety. The highest amount would be Rs. 1 lakh. One might apply to the directors of Inland Waterways, and a separate cell for the Jalodhara plan would be established in the Transport Bhawan.

Objectives of the Scheme

Enhancing a state’s transportation infrastructure is essential for its economic growth. The state government started this program to promote the use of water transportation with this objective in mind. These mishaps are primarily the result of poor planning, the use of antiquated technology, and inadequate training. Furthermore, 131 main and 121 semi-major jetties will undergo an urgent redesign based on the SOP model.

Benefits of the Jaladhara Scheme

– Enhancing the safety of water transportation. – Increasing the use of boats with upgraded technology by offering subsidies. – Restoration of every ferry’s infrastructure, which will ensure the safety of waterway transportation. – The increased use of rivers for trade and commerce is the goal for which the basis of this project has started. – The replacement of traditional boats on waterways by safer, mechanically propelled vessels.

Features of the Scheme

– Soumen Mohapatra, Public Health Technical Minister, stated that drinking water will be given to every rural residence, although the target date is 2024. – Jaldhara Project: Extending financial support for the replacement or conversion of existing ‘ghost boats’ to safe and secure mechanically propelled boats for the benefit of public safety.

Eligibility Criteria for Applying the Scheme

“Operator” refers to any individual who, as defined by Section 5 of The Bengal Ferries Act, 1885, operates a public ferry or who owns an existing BHUTBHUTI that is currently in operation to provide commercial ferry services on any river in the State, and who has received the appropriate certification from the Block Development Officer of the relevant Block, the Secretary of Municipal Corporation, the Executive Officer of the Municipality/Notified Area Authority, or any other entity that may be in charge of overseeing such ferry service.

Required Documents

– Domicile certificate as residence proof – Aadhaar card – Passport size photograph

Apply for the West Bengal Jaladhara Scheme

– Download the application form. – Then, take a printout of every PDF file and fill it up carefully. – Attach all the required documents. – Submit them to the office of the Joint Director of Employment Kolkata District in the case of the Kolkata municipal corporation area or to the respective sub-divisional officer (SDO). – The vehicle would registered within one month of receiving the permit and subsidy offer letter from the scheme.

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