About Karnataka Arundhati Scheme 2022

The Karnataka state government has launched the Arundhati Scheme 2022, which aims to aid economically disadvantaged individuals. If the groom is a priest, the state government would contribute three hundred thousand rupees (Rs. 3,00,000) to the newlywed couple’s family under the Karnataka Maitri Scheme. The Karnataka State Brahmin Development Board would contribute three lakh rupees to around 25 households as part of this scheme.

Karnataka Maitri Yojana

According to the 2018 caste census, Brahmins made up 3% of the total population of Karnataka. The fundamental goal of developing these two initiatives, known as Arundhati and Maitri, is to enhance the economic status of people from lower-income families and notable priests. The state is laboring under the weight of severe financial hardship since it has not received federal flood relief cash or GST contributions. The Chief Minister expected a fiscal setback of between 25,000 and 30,000 crore rupees in December 2020.

Objectives of the Karnataka Arundhati Yojana

Because the Brahmin community is frequently perceived as weak, its members struggle to arrange marriages for their daughters. According to the idea, the girls’ families would receive additional monies to assist them in the process of organizing marriages for their children. The financially challenged families of the Brahman will receive financial assistance through this plan, allowing us to use a portion of that cash to build a small business that would cater to their needs.

Benefits of the Karnataka Arundhati Scheme

– The Brahmin Development Board of Karnataka has launched two financial help initiatives. – Brahmin families in need of assistance will receive it. – These efforts aim to assist Brahmins with daughter marriages. – Brahmins will earn Rs. 25000 for daughter marriages under Arundhati. – These steps will help the Brahmins’ finances. – The proposal will benefit 550 state families.

Eligibility Criteria of the Scheme

– Candidates must be permanent Karnataka residents. – The bride’s family must present proof of their financial situation. – The bride must be a Brahmin and produce confirmation of this. – The bride and groom are likely to marry for the first time. – The marriage registration document and the wedding must both be registered. – The partnership must last at least five years.

Required Documents for Applying Karnataka Arundhati Scheme

– Marriage certificate – Aadhar card or Voter ID for verification – Brahmin caste certificate – photograph – Address proof – Mobile number or contact number

Karnataka Arundhati Scheme 2022: Apply Online

– Go to the official website of the Karnataka state Brahmin development board. – Select the “Sign in” option and enter your Email ID and Password for login. – After that, click on to “Sign In” option. – Now, select either the Arundhati Scheme or the Maitri Yojana to submit your application. – The registration form will open in front of you. – Fill out the form with the required information, and click the “Submit” button.

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