Samabyathi Scheme 2024

The West Bengal state government’s Samabyathi Scheme helps the impoverished fulfil their religious obligations and pay for any additional costs associated with cremation or burial for their departed loved one’s kin or closest relatives. The Municipal Affairs Department in the State’s urban areas and the Panchayat and Rural Development Department in Panchayat areas are in charge of carrying out the program. The Scheme is a one-time grant program for the deceased’s funeral expenses.

Purpose of the Somobyathi Prakalpa

Under the Samabyathi Prakalpa, the state government offers the surviving family members of the deceased one-time financial support.  Families with impaired members will be able to bury their loved ones with this money. The state government has made this endeavour to ensure that no impoverished family in West Bengal can bury their loved ones due to financial restraints.  On the other hand, the goal of this Scheme is to pay tribute to the deceased and plan his fitting funeral.

Somobyathi Scheme Benefits

– A one-time payment to the deceased person’s next of kin or closest family members who are in great need of money to carry out the rites and ceremonies and to cover incidental costs associated with cremation or burial. – The 2,000/-will cover the cost of the cremation or burial, the purchase of items needed to carry out the rites and ceremonies at the time of the cremation or burial, the cost of transporting the deceased body to the cremation or burial site, and any other incidental costs.

Eligibility Criteria for Applying the Somobyathi Scheme

– Families with low incomes who reside in the State of West Bengal have their loved ones cremated or buried there in cemeteries, burning ghats, burial sites, etc. – The deceased person’s closest family member will apply with the required cremation or burial certificate at the time of cremation or burial, if applicable, and the next of kin will get assistance if they are unable to do so.

Documents Required to Apply Samabyathi Prakalpa

– Domicile of West Bengal. – The Aadhaar Card of the Deceased – Death Certificate – Cremation or cemetery documents

Apply for the West Bengal Samabyathi Scheme

– The next of kin of a deceased person residing in the Panchayat area should apply at the Gram Panchayat office. – The next of kin of a deceased person living in a municipal area must apply for this program at the municipal office. – You can receive the money if you go there and apply on the cemetery’s or crematorium’s white paper along with the death certificate. – In certain situations, a deceased person’s neighbours may also apply for this program if there is no close relative.

Samabyathi Form PDF

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