YSR Jagananna Sampoorna Gruha Hakku Scheme 2022

The Honorable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, introduced the YSR Jagananna Sampoorna Gruha Hakku Scheme on December 21, 2021. This scheme would forgive the recipients’ debts on properties authorized by the state government at reasonable rates. They will receive full ownership rights on their property.

OTS Initiatives under YSR Jagananna Sampoorna Gruha Hakku Scheme

It provides recipients with a credit facility for a one-time payment. Beneficiaries of the state government’s initiative would be excused from paying the registration cost and stamp duty, as well as receiving Rs 15000. The state government would discharge a loan of Rs 10,000 crore through One Time Settlement (OTS) A stamp duty exemption of Rs 1,600 crore will also be offered

The government would waive the outstanding loan of Rs 10 thousand crores

The Andhra Pradesh State Government’s Jagananna Sampoorna Gruha Hakku Scheme 2022 would forgive the approximately Rs 10,000 crore overdue home debt. The documents registered by the Chief Minister were also given to the state’s 826000 benefit individuals who had signed up for this scheme through it.

The nominal cost of obtaining Jagananna Sampoorna Gruha Hakku 2022

Under this scheme, Beneficiaries would pay a nominal fee of Rs 10000 in villages, Rs 15000 in municipalities, and Rs 20000 in municipal corporations Beneficiaries who wish to participate in this plan must register by April 2022. After the beneficiaries have paid the nominal value, the property will be removed from the banned land under section 22(a).

Objective of Jagananna Sampoorna Gruha Hakku Scheme 2022

The primary goal is to forgive the beneficiaries’ debts and interest on the government-approved homes they purchased. dditionally, the benefited citizens will be granted full property rights.  Beneficiaries will be required to pay a nominal one-time fee to get the advantages of this plan. Through this initiative, the state government would also forgive the outstanding housing debt of around Rs 10,000 crore.

Benefits of Jagananna Sampoorna Gruha Hakku

– All debts and interest on dwellings sanctioned by the state government through different housing plans would be forgiven under this Scheme. – Interested recipients will need to pay a small charge to take benefit from this scheme. – The beneficiaries of this yojana will use the One Time Settlement Plan to make their payment. – Following it, they will get access to the registered title

Features of Jagananna Sampoorna Gruha Hakku

– The beneficiaries of this plan will receive registration paperwork as well as full ownership rights over their property. – Once the beneficiaries acquire entire ownership of the property, they can transfer it to the next generation, obtain a loan, and sell it at market value. – The state government’s proposal will waive the outstanding home debt of almost Rs 10,000 crore.

Other Benefits of Jagananna Sampoorna Gruha Hakku Scheme 2022

– 52 lakh state residents would benefit from the execution of this Scheme. – Under this scheme, the Chief Minister additionally provided registration documents to 826000 enrolled individuals. – Such residents who have constructed homes inside the state government have received land allotment through this state government plan using their funds.

Other Benefits of Jagananna Sampoorna Gruha Hakku Scheme 2022

– Under this scheme, even citizens who do not possess complete property rights can nonetheless benefit from registration by paying just Rs. 10. – For free registration under this plan, the state government alone is responsible for paying Rs 6000 crore. – The beneficiaries of this scheme will be required to pay a minimal fee of Rs. 10,000 in villages, Rs. 15,000 in municipalities, and Rs. 20,00,000 in municipal corporations to receive the advantages under this scheme.

Some important information about the Scheme

– With the aid of the scheme, the beneficiary can establish a freehold title for the residence he now resides in. – This scheme’s requirement for registered papers will make transactions simple. – No more documents are required when Patta is issued under this AP Jagannath Sampoorna Griha Hakku Yojana 2022. – As part of this scheme, recipients’ names will also be registered at the village secretariat level.

Eligibility Criteria

– The applicant citizen must be a permanent resident of the state of Andhra Pradesh, only then he will be able to take advantage of this facility. – Applicants who have taken loans for government-approved houses can apply under this facility.

Required Documents

– Aadhar card – Residence certificate – Passport size photograph – Mobile number – Ration card – Email ID

Procedure to Apply Online under Jagananna Sampoorna Gruha Hakku

– You must first go to the YSR Jagananna Sampoorna Gruha Hakku Scheme’s official website. – You must select the Apply Now option on the website’s home page. – A new page will appear where you have to fill out all the information asked for registration. – Then, upload all the necessary documents and select the submit option to register for this scheme.

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