Covid-19 Vaccination

- During the spreading of Covid-19, the Government implemented vaccination campaigns. - The government made it mandatory to show their vaccine certificate while booking any travel ticket or hotel. - Citizens of India who have taken their first and second doses of the vaccine can download their vaccination certificates from the Cowin portal.

COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate Download by Mobile Number

- The government of India has provided vaccination by separating people into different age groups.  - People who have completed 1st & 2nd doses of vaccines may download the COVID vaccination certificate as per evidence. - The procedure of vaccination certificate download by your mobile number is quite straightforward. - Cowin portal is the main site to download your vaccine certificate.


- The main objective of downloading a certificate via your mobile. - People who have taken 1st & 2nd dose of vaccination, can get their certificates without running here and there. - Visiting the Cowin site and using the registered mobile number, you can download the vaccination certificate.

Benefits of Downloading Vaccine Certificate by Mobile Number

- Visit your nearest hospitals and get the vaccine today by using your Aadhaar card number and registered mobile number. - Vaccination stops the transmission of the virus and also protects from its mutations. - After taking the vaccination, download your vaccination certificate to carry out while travelling via train and plane, or going for a job interview


- The citizen must be from India  - He or she should have completed his or her vaccination doses. - Only then, they can download their vaccination certificates.

How to Download the Certificate

- Visit the official website and “Sign in” with your registered mobile number - Click on “Get OTP” and enter the received OTP to Verify and Process - You can see your details, click on the “Show Certificate” option and tap on the “Download” option to download the certificate directly.


-Visit official website - Reach Cowin at 1075-1098 or +91-112-3980-446

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