GARIMA Scheme for Safety and Dignity of Core Sanitation Workers in Odisha

Odisha Garima Scheme | Scheme for Safety and Dignity of Core Sanitation Workers in Odisha | Features, Eligibility, and Get the Scheme Benefits

The CM Naveen Patnaik led Odisha state government has launched the Odisha Garima Scheme for Safety & Dignity of Core Sanitation Workers in Odisha. Around 20,000 crore sanitation workers and their families covering a 1 lakh population would be benefitted through this scheme.

This scheme will ensure the safety and dignity of core sanitation workers. A dedicated corpus fund initially with Rs. 50 crore will also be created. Along with the Odisha Garima Yojana 2022, a State Commission for Core Sanitation Workers will also be constituted. The Odisha state’s 114 Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) will all participate in the Garima Scheme. This scheme was launched on 11 September 2020.

Odisha Garima Scheme

The main focus of this scheme is to realize the vision of eliminating manual scavenging which causes various accidents for scavengers.

Overview of the Odisha Garima Scheme

Name of the schemeOdisha Garima Scheme
Launched inOdisha
Launched byChief Minister of Odisha Naveen Patnaik
Date of launchApril 2021
Target beneficiarySanitation workers of the Odisha state
Official Website 

Key Features of the Odisha Garima Yojana

  • To improve the condition of the sanitation workers and their families, the government will make sure that they can live in healthy conditions.
  • There are 20,000 crore or more beneficiaries in the state, according to estimates.
  • With the help of the scheme, the government is trying to eliminate manual scavenging from the state because it causes several fatal accidents.
  • The plan is advantageous to the intended audience since it may institutionalized to serve the greatest amount of people possible.
  • The state govt. will set a limitation on working hours and that will be 6 hours a day, after implementation of the scheme.
  • The Odisha state’s 114 Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) will all participate in the Garima Scheme.
  • The sanitation workers and their families will get financial help from the government.
  • The sanitation workers and their families will get health insurance.

Facilities for the Sanitation Workers

Odisha Garima Scheme aims to identify core sanitation workers through a state-wide survey. To ensure safe working conditions, it is necessary to register core sanitation workers, mandate the registration of sanitation service providers, and make sure that the required equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE) are provided. Odisha Govt will provide several benefits to core sanitation workers in the Garima Scheme which are as follows:-

  • The registered core sanitation workers will be provided with a proper kit to ensure safety.
  • The scheme provides financial support for an alternative livelihood
  • the beneficiaries will get skill development training. Along with that, there will be counselling to support new skills.
  • If there is a disability in the family of a registered core sanitation worker then necessary support will be provided.
  • Financial assistance to families in the event of an accident or injury
  • Under the scheme, the beneficiaries will receive periodic health check-ups so that they can lead healthy lives.
  • The sanitation workers will get an allowance for their illness.
  • The family members of the beneficiary will get support to finish their education.
  • Access to EPF benefits all sanitation workers.
  • The sanitation workers under the scheme will get an allowance so that they can arrange a house.
  • Mobility support for all sanitation workers.
  • The scheme will also provide retirement benefits for sanitation workers 60 years old.
  • Introduction of Risk and Hardship Allowance
  • The registered sanitation workers will get financial help on buying two-wheelers and financial help for 90% of the cost.
  • Counselling Support for new skills improvement.

Odisha Garima Scheme Eligibility Criteria

  • To apply to this scheme the person must be a resident of Odisha
  • The state’s sanitation employees will profit from this initiative.

Document Required for Odisha Garima Scheme

  • To apply for the scheme you must have identity proof
  • You need to submit your address proof to apply for this scheme
  • If you belong to any sub caste then you need to bring your caste certificate.


1) Why the Odisha Garima Scheme?

The Odisha government has introduced the Odisha Garima Scheme to protect the safety and dignity of essential sanitation workers.

2) Where the Garima Yojana would be implemented in Odisha state?

The Odisha state’s 114 Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) will all participate in the Garima Scheme.

3) Which state government in India has launched the Garima welfare scheme for core sanitation workers?

The Odisha Government has launched the Garima Welfare scheme for core sanitation workers.

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