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Hidden Strike releases on Netflix on July 28, 2023 worldwide. Jackie Chan and John Cena are the two big names in this film. One of the most recognizable action stars in the world is Jackie Chan. Chan has risked his life performing stunts throughout his whole career, whether it was his fall from the Clock Tower in Project A or his slide down the pole in Police Story.

Whereas, John Cena belongs to the elite group of WWE icons, he has won 10 Wrestlemanias and been a champion 13 times. In Blockers and Vacation Friends, he honed his comedic skills, and in Fast and Furious, he plays Dom’s brother Jakob. They are the main characters of Hidden Strike, which has quickly risen to the top of the Netflix.

Although the film has released on Netflix and you can stream online via purchasing its membership. But there are some people who still want to download the movie and watch it offline. So, here we will tell you some of the links from where you can download Hidden Strike movie.

Hidden Strike 2023 Movie

With the iconic Jackie Chan and John Cena, Hidden Strike is a no-brainer pairing of two of the most alluring action stars of their generations. Sylvester Stallone was replaced with John Cena since the film’s development took so long and Stallone was unable to complete it due to his obligations to Creed II. After nearly five years of post-production, Hidden Strike is released following Creed III.

Hidden Strike Movie Download

Hidden Strike doesn’t really get into the action comedy rhythm until approximately 40 minutes into the film, when Chan and Cena’s characters first meet up. Prior to that, there are numerous explosions and artificial sandstorms in a fairly serious “protect the convoy” film.

Chan portrays commander Dragon Luo Feng, who is sent to Iraq to safely transport oil refinery workers across the “Highway of Death” to Baghdad. Cena co-stars as Chris Van Horne, a former mercenary who is tricked by his brother to hijack Dragon’s convoy.

Action heroes Chan and Cena are both incredibly humorous, but their physiques couldn’t be more unlike. By relying on Chan’s still-remarkable physical comedy chops and Chan’s still-remarkable acrobatic abilities, director Scott Waugh plays their styles off of each other for laughter and various forms of action. The pair’s attempts to communicate with hand signals are the greatest running joke in the film.

Name of the MovieHidden Strike 2023
Genre Action/Thriller/Mystery/Comedy
DirectorScott Waugh
ProducerEsmond Ren
ProductionChangchun Film Studio XYZ Films
StarringJackie Chan & John Cena
Hidden Strike Release Date28th July 2023
LanguageEnglish (Dubbed in Hindi)
IMDb Rating5.4/10

Hidden Strike Movie Trailer

Compared to some of the more somber contemporary films Chan has acted in, Hidden Strike has a nostalgic sense for the Hong Kong action comedies of Chan’s heyday. Even the blooper reel, a dying art in contemporary action comedies, features an incredibly X-rated improvised joke from John Cena. Hidden Strike is a terrific time, despite its drawn-out production, thanks to that playful attitude in the second half of the film.

When a gang of foreign insurgents decide to attack a sizable oil refinery in Iraq, a private Chinese security squad led by Commander Luo (Chan) offers to transport over 500 citizens to safety in the country’s Green Zone. They need to take a bus along one of the world’s riskiest highways to get there.

They come upon a group of mercenaries, led by Chris (Cena), a decorated US soldier, who attacks them as they travel. Chris first balks at accepting the position, but after learning the staggering price of bringing water to his community in Iraq, he decides to take it. Chris and Luo team together as they learn who is truly responsible for the oil refinery heist.

Hidden Strike Release Date

Hidden Strike releases on Netflix on July 28, 2023 worldwide. The newest movie from Netflix, Hidden Strike, stars action veterans Jackie Chan and John Cena. Hidden Strike, which is directed by Scott Waugh of Need for Speed and Act of Valor renown, looks to be an exciting actioner with a touch of humor. Go and enjoy with your friends today.

Hidden Strike Cast

The first time Jackie Chan and John Cena have worked together is in “Hidden Strike,” and the chemistry between the two on-screen titans is nothing short of spectacular. This results in a film that offers thrilling action sequences, belly-laugh moments, and a beautiful camaraderie that transcends the screen.

  • Jackie Chan as Luo Feng
  • John Cena as Chris Van Home
  • Pilou Asbaek as Owen Paddock
  • Zhenwei Wang as Xiao Wei
  • Jun Gong
  • Rachael Holoway
  • Amadeus Serafini as Henry Van Home
  • Max Huang
  • Minghao Hou
  • Chunrui Ma
  • Hany Adel
  • Laila Ezz EL-Arab

List of Websites for Hidden Strike Movie Download

Although the movie has released on Netflix, but many of you still wish to download the movie offline. So, here are some of the websites from where you can download Hidden Strike movie. However, you can watch it online by purchasing the subscription of Netflix. We will also suggest you to stream it online.

Hidden Strike Movie Download

Hidden Strike Movie Download in Hindi MP4Moviez

For those who are new, Mp4moviez is a website where you can download movies using torrent. The most recent movies in high definition can be downloaded using this. After a film has been released, you can download it without the directors’ permission. However, because it is absolutely forbidden, we do not advise it.


On this movie download site, you may see the newest movies within 24 hours. As a result, it is getting more and more popular. So, you may get the Hidden Strike movie on Vegamovies. On the other hand, downloading movies from these websites is illegal and can get you arrested. So, we do not suggest it.

Hidden Strike Movie Download in Tamilyogi

You may also purchase Hidden Strike 2023 Jackie Chan movie on Tamilyogi. You may download new movies for free from this website. Additionally, you can download online series. Many individuals often download movies from this website. If you download movies in this way, you run the danger of going to jail. We advise that you watch it on the streaming platform Netflix.


Bollywood, Hollywood, South Indian, and Marathi movies are all available for free download on Tamilrockers. So, there are various visual quality options available for downloading Hidden Strike. Recall that Tamilrockers is an unlicensed torrent website where movies can be downloaded for free without the producer’s permission.

Hidden Strike Movie Download in Hindi Filmymeet

Hidden Strike movie is available for download at Filmymeet, which also offers Bollywood, Hollywood, and Tamil films. This unlicensed site allows you to download movies in different resolutions. This website is littered with annoying advertising. If you download movies in this manner, you risk incurring legal consequences.

Hidden Strike FilmyZilla

FilmyZilla offers free Bollywood, Hollywood, South Indian, and Marathi movie downloads. Keep in mind that this is a pirate website. You download the movies for free without the consent of the filmmakers. Downloading Hidden Strike from this site, may exercise caution.

Hidden Strike Movie Download Telegram

If you’re looking for Hidden Strike Film Download, it’s very probable that you’ll find it here. You could, however, watch it in a theater or on an OTT service for a higher quality experience. Nonetheless, we’ve included a Telegram link below for your convenience.

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We just provide information; none of the site’s links allow you to watch or download movies. To be clear, doing so is illegal. You can buy a subscription of Netflix to watch movies online. By paying a charge, you can obtain a membership for one month, six months, or even a whole year.

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