Delhi Mohalla Bus Scheme 2023 – Get the Details Now

Delhi Mohalla Bus Scheme 2023 | Transport Facility of Delhi Government | Delhi Mohalla Bus Yojana | Know the Details Now

The Delhi government has launched a new scheme, Delhi Mohalla Bus Yojana to improve transport convenience. Kailash Gehlot, the finance minister for Delhi, made the announcement on the beginning of this scheme during the presentation of the state budget.

The Delhi Mohalla Bus Scheme would significantly enhance the transportation system. Thus, the entire population of the state will profit and individuals will be able to go to every part of the state.

You must read this entire post if you live in Delhi and want more information about the Mohalla Bus Yojana. As we’ll give you all the details on the Delhi Mohalla Bus Yojana 2023 in this article.

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Delhi Mohalla Bus Scheme 2023

While presenting the budget for 2023–2024, Delhi’s Finance Minister Kailash Gehlot announced the beginning of the Delhi Mohalla Bus Yojana. Through this plan, transportation services will be made available throughout the entire state. So that buses may easily navigate the neighborhoods.

Under this plan, every bus will be electric. These buses will all be referred to as E Mohalla Bus. The typical bus that arrives is 12 meters long, but under this plan, the bus will only be 9 meters long. The neighborhood bus may easily go to your neighborhood because it is not very wide. People of all types will get the benefits of the Scheme.

Delhi Mohalla Bus Scheme 2023

Overview of Delhi Mohalla Bus Yojana

Name of the SchemeDelhi Mohalla Bus Scheme
Initiative Taken ByFinance Minister Kailash Gehlot
Announcement DoneWhile Preparing Budget of 2023
ObjectivesProviding transportation facilities to the people till their locality
BeneficiariesCitizen of Delhi
Official Website Launched Soon

Purpose of the Scheme

The Delhi government launched the Mohalla Bus Scheme with the primary goal of offering Delhi residents transit options up until their neighborhood. So that residents of the area can readily and without difficulty get bus service from a location close to their home. Now Delhi residents won’t have to travel far on foot from the main route to get home. Such neighborhoods will be able to access greater transport options where the road is narrower or shorter.

Benefits of Delhi Mohalla Bus Yojana

  • The Mohalla Bus Scheme has launched to offer Delhi residents transportation options.
  • The Mohalla Bus that will be launched under this program will offer improved transportation options to the populace.
  • People won’t have to deal with the inconvenience of commuting anymore.
  • Mohalla Bus Yojana will utilise electric buses for its operations.
  • The Delhi government will launch 1900 buses this year. A total of 1800 buses will be 12 meters in length, with 100 E Mohalla buses being 9 meters.
  • This plan will begin with 100 buses being operated. After the program is operational, the number of buses will be increased to 2180.
  • The Delhi government has allocated Rs 28,556 crore from its budget for the Mohalla bus program.
  • By the end of this year, the Delhi government hopes to have the most electric buses operating there compared to other states.
  • At the bus depot, charging stations will be made available for all electric buses.
  • The Delhi government has allocated Rs 9333 crore in this year’s budget for transportation infrastructure.
  • The state-wide operation of the Delhi Mohalla Bus Yojana 2023 will take place. so that the program’s advantages can benefit an increasing number of people.
  • Now, Delhi residents can readily use bus service for commuting in their neighborhood.
  • People won’t have to deal with the issue of traffic thanks to Mohalla Bus Yojana.

Eligibility Criteria & Required Documents for Applying the Scheme

The candidate must be a Delhi native to qualify for Mohalla Bus Yojana benefits. The benefits of the bus service will be available to state residents of all socioeconomic strata. To benefit from this program, there will be no restriction on age.

When traveling in a Mohalla bus, you won’t need any documents, just like you don’t need any for other buses. Without any documents, you can take advantage of Mohalla Bus Yojana.

Application Process of Delhi Mohalla Bus Scheme

No online application of any type is required for any interested Delhi resident who wishes to take advantage of the Mohalla Bus Yojana. Due to the fact that this program is open to Delhi residents of all castes and age categories, there is no prejudice in its utilization. This mohalla bus will be beneficial to all state residents. You are not obliged to register as a result.

Delhi Mohalla Bus Scheme

Budget & Allocated Buses for Delhi Mohalla Bus Yojana

The Delhi government has allocated Rs 28,556 crore for the Delhi Mohalla Bus Yojana’s execution. With this money, an electric bus will be launched. It will only be 9 meters long, making it easy to reach small vehicles and communities and offer transportation services to those areas.

The Delhi Mohalla Bus Scheme will operate 100 buses in its first year of operation in various neighborhoods. And by 2025, when the following two years will have passed, there will be about 2180 more of these buses on the road. The number of buses will be expanded gradually in accordance with demand. So that, no individual is denied the opportunity to utilize the E Mohalla bus service. The people of all of Delhi will benefit from this scheme.

Helpline Number

You can contact the Delhi Transport Corporation Department at their toll-free number if you want additional information about the Delhi Mohalla Bus Scheme or if you have any complaints. The helpline number for Delhi Mohalla buses is 1800118181.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) When did the Mohalla bus yojana become public?

On March 22, 2023, at the presentation of the budget, the Mohalla Bus Yojana was launched.

2) Who launched the Delhi Mohalla Bus Yojana?

Kailash Gehlot, the city of Delhi’s finance minister, has taken the initiative to start the scheme.

3) The Delhi Mohalla Bus Scheme will operate how many buses?

100 buses will operate as part of this plan in 2023. By 2025, the number increases to 2180.

4) Which type of buses will run under the scheme?

The Delhi Bus Mohalla program will employ electric buses.

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