E-Shram Card Yojana 2022: Overview, Benefits, And Online Apply for E-Shram Card

E-Shram Card Yojana | Online Application for E-Shram Card Yojana| Overview & Benefits

The Ministry of Labor and Employment has introduced the E-Shram Card Yojana. The Central Government provides employees in the unorganised sector via this scheme. It has begun to gather data at the central level to provide immediate benefit.

The E-Shram Scheme would generate E-shram Cards for about 43.7 crore unorganised sector employees in the country, allowing them to get direct benefits from Central Government and State Government initiatives. In today’s article, we will tell you all about the E-Shram card, its benefits, and how you can apply for it.

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What Is E-Shram Card Yojana?

The Central Government’s E-Shram Card Yojana is a plan that will work to collect data on workers in every sector of the country. It’s a National Database. Under this, complete information about unorganized sector workers will be available.

After registering under the E-shram Card Scheme, workers in the unorganised sector will aid in the smooth operation of any scheme initiated by the central government. The state government provide direct benefits to these people so that workers in the unorganised sector will receive direct benefits. And you will get the benefits sooner.

E-Shram Card Yojana Highlights

Scheme NameE-Shram Card Yojana
StartedBy Central Government
Relevant DepartmentsMinistry Of Labour and Employment
BeneficiaryAll Unorganized Sector Workers of The Country
The ProfitDirect Benefit of All Government Schemes After Registration
ObjectiveCollecting Database of Workers in The Unorganized Sector at The National Level
Application TypeThrough Online/Offline
Plan Launch Year2022

What Is NDUW in E-Shram Scheme?

The National Database of Unorganized Workers, or NDUW, is officially known as the E-shram Portal and the UAN Card Scheme. The Ministry of Labour and Employment is constructing a national database of unorganised workers as part of this effort.

  • The Ministry of Labour and Employment is working on developing a national database of unorganised workers.
  • On the website, there is a facility for registering unorganised workers.
  • Every UW (Uncategorized Work) will be issued an identity card with a unique identification number that will be used in the same places as the UAN card, NDUW card, and E-shram card.

What is the Unorganized Sector?

Speaking in simple terms, an unorganized sector lacks organization. In other words, you are not paid to work and are associated with some work that does not always provide you with work. Workers in the organized sector get a regular salary, stipends, and other benefits like overtime, provident fund and a gratuity. That is, if you work in the unorganized sector, you will not able to apply for the E-Shram Yojana.

What kind of people are included?

Small and marginal farmers, agricultural labourers, sharecroppers, fishermen, animal husbandry workers, beedi rollers, levelling and packing, building and construction workers, leather workers, weavers, craftsmen, salt workers, brick kiln and stone quarry workers, and sawmill workers are some examples of workers in the Unorganized Sector.

Benefits and Features of E Shram Card Yojana

  • On August 26, 2022, Union Employment Minister Shri Bhupendra Yadav Ji introduced the E-Shram Scheme.
  • This portal will provide a database of the nation’s about 476 million unorganised sector workers that the central government can use if necessary.
  • All of the nation’s registered workers, including those in the organised sector, will be eligible for all government benefits and programmes; they won’t need to re-register.
  • Labourers and domestic workers will be connected under the E-Shram Scheme, and work will be done to help them grow in every way.
  • All registered workers will be issued an E-Shram card with a 12-digit unit number through the E-Shram portal.
E-Shram Card Scheme
  • After registering at the Labor Unit Number of the 12 Points, an E-Labor Card Number will be provided, which will be valid throughout the country.
  • Following the creation of the UAN card, all workers will be distributed based on their work and skills so that the government can easily provide them with employment.
  • NDUW Card To the Central Government based on the Workers’ Database to launch official plans of various types and they will help to conduct.

Why register in NDUW?

  • The benefits of Social Security and Welfare programs will go to unorganized workers.
  • The government will use this database to create policies for unorganised workers.
  • The Central Government will monitor the workers’ movement from the informal sector to the formal sector and vice versa.
  • According to their vocational skill development, they will provide suitable work employment.
  • The migrant labour force will have more job opportunities if they are tracked down.

Eligibility Criteria of E-Shram Card Yojana

  • The age of the applicants should be between 15 and 59 years old.
  • The applicant should not pay income tax.
  • The applicant shouldn’t a member of EPFO or ESIC
  • Mainly, the applicant should work in the unorganized sector.

Required Documents for E-Shram Card Yojana

Mandatory Documents

  • Mandatory EKYC with OTP, Fingerprint Using Aadhar Number, and Iris
  • Bank Account Number
  • Mobile Number

Optional Document

  • Certificate of Education
  • Income Certificate
  • Business Certificate
  • Skill Certificate

How to Apply for E-Shram Card?

  • You must first visit Eshram.Gov.In, the Ministry of Labor and Employment’s official website, to access the E-Shram Portal.
Official website for E-Shram card Yojana
  • Your browser will open the website’s homepage, where you may see the link to register for E-Shram, as soon as you visit it.
  • Sign up for E-Shram After clicking the link, a new page will load where you may enter your Aadhar number, complete the captcha, and click the “Send OTP” button.
Registration Form
  • The E-Shram Card Self Registration Form will then open in front of you when you enter the OTP that was received on your mobile device.
  • Fill up the required information like personal information, address, education qualification, occupation, bank details, and preview self-declaration.
Fill up all the asked information
  • When you finish your self-declaration, you will see the UAN card, which you may download and use in the future if necessary.

Contact Details for E-Shram Card Yojana

We have provided almost all of the information about E-Shram. If you still have questions, please use the contacts given below.

Helpline Number14434
Email Ideshram-care@gov.in
What are E-Shram card and their benefits?

NDUW Card is the name of the E-shram Card initiated by the Central Government. Following the creation of this card, the Central Government will already have information about the workers of every unorganised sector of the country.
Once the information is available, the Central Government will be able to give direct benefits to the workers of the unorganised sector by using it, and there are numerous advantages to having a UAN card, which we have fully explained.

What is the validity of the card?

Once you create an E-Shram Card, it will valid for a lifetime.

Is there any fee to be paid for making E-Shram card?

You don’t have to pay any money if you are applying for a UN card through offline mode from the common service centre. You have to pay Rs 20/- for making any type of upgradation.

Should we update our UN card annually or occasionally?

This is not required. If there’s a change in the information you have already provided or if you relocate (migrate), you must keep your card updated.

Is the employee eligible for a UN card if they file returns but do not pay income tax?

Yes, if you are not an income taxpayer but have filed your return, you can still benefit from this scheme.

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