West Bengal Amar Fasal Amar Gola Scheme 2024 [Apply Now]

Amar Fasal Amar Gola 2024 | পশ্চিমবঙ্গ আমার ফসল আমার গোলা প্রকল্প | West Bengal My Crops My Storehouse Scheme | Eligibility & Apply Now

Amar Fasa Amar Gola Scheme is the West Bengal government’s main scheme for farmer welfare, started in 2013. The major goal of introducing this plan is to provide financial support to farmers to build agricultural storage buildings. The West Bengal Government’s Department of Agriculture and Marketing will take care of the scheme. In this article, we will tell you all the details regarding the আমার ফসল আমার গোলা প্রকল্প.

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WB Amar Fasal Amar Gola 2024

The West Bengal government established a pilot project to provide financial help to marginal farmers in the state so that they might establish their own storehouses and vending carts. A subsidy ranging from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 25,000 will be offered for the warehouses.

Though the State has 24 lakh small and marginal farmers, only about 10,000 will be initially covered by two initiatives. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has dubbed the schemes Amar Fasal, Amar Gola (My Crop, My Storehouse), and Amar Fasal Amar Gari (My Crop, My Vehicle). The subsidy rate for the Amar Fasal Amar Gari project is Rs. 10,000 flat.

Amar Fasal Amar Gola Scheme

This project will help farmers who want to sell their products directly to end users. The subsidies would be credited to the bank accounts of farmers with Kisan Credit Cards.

Scheme NameWest Bengal My Crops My Gola Project.
Initiated ByWest Bengal Government 2013
Nodal SectionDepartment of Agricultural Marketing, Government of West Bengal.
ObjectiveProvide Rs. 5,000/- to 25,000/- Financial Assistance to the Farmers for the construction of Storage/Warehouses
Application ProcessOffline
Official Websitehttps://wb.gov.in/government-schemes-details-amarfasal.aspx

Objectives of the Scheme

The “Amar Fasal Amar Gola” Prakalpa in West Bengal aims to provide farmers with financial support to purchase seeds, fertilizers, and other agricultural inputs. This strategy is projected to provide the following benefits:


  • The initiative may assist farmers in enhancing crop quality by providing access to high-quality seeds and fertilizers, resulting in improved yields and income.
  • The initiative may assist farmers in increasing the productivity of their land by providing them with the resources required to maintain and develop it.
  • The initiative may help farmers decrease the financial burden involved with purchasing seeds, fertilizers, and other inputs, allowing them to invest more in their crops.
    • Financial help of Rs. 5,000/- for constructing tiny shells (storage structure).
    • Financial support of Rs. 12,000/- is required to construct a paved shell. (Storage Structure)
    • Financial Assistance of Rs. 25,000 for the construction of a storehouse.
  • Farmers that participate in the system may be able to raise their profitability by enhancing the quality and yield of their crops, perhaps raising their standard of life.

Eligibility Criteria for Applying the Scheme

The eligibility criteria for the “Amar Fasal Amar Gola” plan in West Bengal may vary based on how the state government implements the initiative. However, some of the frequent eligibility conditions for such schemes are:

  • To be eligible for the plan, farmers should be West Bengal residents.
  • Farmers must possess agricultural land in the state to qualify for the plan.
  • The system is limited to certain crops, such as food or cash crops.
  • The scheme may have certain requirements for landholding size to qualify for financial support.
  • The scheme may include requirements for previous involvement in other agricultural projects.
  • Farmers may achieve certain income requirements to qualify for the plan.

You contact the relevant authorities in West Bengal, such as the Department of Agriculture or the Ministry of Agriculture, for a comprehensive and up-to-date list of the eligibility criteria for the “Amar Fasal Amar Gola” prakalpa.

Amar Fasal Amar Gola Online Apply

The application process for the “Amar Fasal Amar Gola” plan in West Bengal may vary based on how the state government implements the initiative. The only way to apply for the Amar Fasal Amar Gola Scheme is to complete the offline application form.

  • Collect the application form free of charge from the following offices.
    • Village Panchayat Office
    • Block Assistant Agriculture Office
  • Fill up the form carefully and attach the copies of all the required documents.
  • Then, submit all the papers to the office from where you were collected.
  • The official will verify your application form.
  • If everything is found good, the amount will be transferred to the beneficiary’s bank account.

Documents Required

The applicants need the following documents for the “West Bengal Amar Fasal Amar Gola” scheme.

  • West Bengal Residence Proof/Domicile (Domicile).
  • Kisan Credit Card.
  • Voter ID Card.
  • Description of agricultural land.
  • Ardhaar Card
  • Bank account details.

Contact Details

Helpline Number033-22520574
Email IDagrmkt-wb@bangla.gov.in
AddressDepartment of Agricultural Marketing, Government of West Bengal,
Food Bhawan, 4th Floor, 11A, Mirza Ghalib Street
Kolkata, West Bengal-700087

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are the scheme’s objectives?

To empower farmers across the state, improve the livelihoods of the state’s marginal farmers, and enhance farmers’ incomes. It provides farmers with storage facilities and vending carts to sell fruits and vegetables directly to customers.

2) What does the scheme cover?

The scheme aims to prevent fruits and vegetables from spoiling and provide financial help for the construction of warehouses and storage facilities.

3) What types of rewards has offered in this scheme?

This scheme can provide monetary benefits when used with a Kisan credit card.

4) What specific benefits does this scheme offer?

The scheme offers a subsidy for purchasing a vending cart, a subsidy for constructing storage of a ₹10,000, and a subsidy for acquiring a vending cart. A subsidy of ₹5,000 – ₹25,000 will be offered for building storage warehouses.

5) Is this scheme open to everyone?

No. To qualify for the plan, you must meet two conditions.
1. Marginal farmers in the state.
2. Farmers only from West Bengal.

6) Can I apply for the scheme online?

No. you can apply for the scheme only through offline mode.

7) Where can you receive the paperwork to fill out?

Interested applicants can get the application forms from the Panchayat or block office.

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